CIMO is a design agency that created in concentration of experience, the desire to create and not to stop on achieved.


Agency is directed to interactive solutions that include design development, web solutions - both design and programming work and the development of multimedia / presentation production.

  Experience: To obtain the same company's employees working in Latvian, U.S. and foreign companies, as well as an agency within the CIMO in developing various projects in different countries and levels of businesses.


This business sector is very different: e-business, trade and industry, public authorities, the music industry, marketing, advertising, medicine, public funds. etc. When working with such different structures and functional business design programming solutions, has gained experience, allowing professionals to work with each client's requirements and specificities.


  Desire to create:  the reason for the existence of CIMO project.

  Not to stop at achieved:  Interactive solution environment is that which is changing every moment, when creating a new job. Interest in the new, on-going worldwide in this sector, allowing work to meet the development trend.


  Looking for Tomorrow: CIMO trying to not repeat itself, so as not to get bored.

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