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QooQoo - Fashion for courage!


QooQoo is a brand that combines graphic arts with fashion. We use modern fabrics and printing technologies to reach the best results for rich colors and comfort. Main concept of the brand is based on synthesis of graphic design in fashion to make the body shape look fabulous in our clothes.

We are focused on creating clothes for people, who are open to innovative designer solutions  and unique designer prints, in the same time appreciating importance of feeling free and comfortable in their clothes.


Graphic patterns are created by Alyona Bauska -  a graphic designer who has been ensnared into the world of fashion. Her noted fashion collection QooQoo was presented at Riga Fashion Week and earned genuine fashion lovers recognition. QooQoo fashion line is characterized by bold and non-traditional visual images integrated via print into the material. Alona is interested primarily in her creative ability to visually transform the human bodys form making it even more attractive.


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